Career Opportunities with the Hotamışlıgil Lab 


The Hotamışlıgil Lab at the Sabri Ülker Center studies innate adaptive pathways involved in metabolic health and diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and asthma. For the past 25 years, our lab has made important contributions to the burgeoning field of “immunometabolism", studying the interactions between metabolic and immune responses as critical drivers of numerous chronic diseases. In the last decade, we have approached immunometabolism in these two paths: organelle homeostasis and lipid metabolism. Using biochemical, genetic, and physiological studies, we aim to find novel pathways and preventive, therapeutic solutions to today’s greatest threats to global human health. The environment in our laboratory is collegial, supportive and diverse. One of the greatest powers of science is its ability to unite people, where representatives from every nation, culture, ethnicity, religion, and lifestyle  can work together for a common purpose. This is most evident in the Sabri Ülker Center, where we come together to tackle challenging questions and dream to make a positive impact on human life. 

The Sabri Ülker Center is located in the Department of Molecular Metabolism at the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health.  The Department of Molecular Metabolism seeks to find, develop, promote, and retain the world’s best scholars. We are committed to upholding the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion in our hiring process. The Department is keenly interested in diversifying its trainees and encourages applications from diverse candidates, including women and minorities. 

Research Associate - Immunometabolism and Antibody Therapeutics

This novel position will develop and manage a research program focusing on the area of immunometabolism, glucose and lipid metabolism, hormone action, and its interface with antibody therapeutics against metabolic disease. Key activities include, but are not limited to, working with other scientists in the group to identify, develop and implement sophisticated research methods to pursue the following questions:

  • Biochemical and biophysical studies for target protein characterization and physiological and pathophysiological roles in disease states

  • Supervise, coordinate and/or directly engage in mechanistic studies to characterize target action

  • Development of cellular assays and facilitate their HTP implementation in partner labs, coordinate CRO activities

  • Activities for functional validation of antibodies generated by partners, coordinate CRO activities, and efforts on identification of biomarkers, and patient stratification, Mendelian stratification, etc., for clinical transition.

  • Exploration of a large animal model in addition to mice to produce a scalable supply of endogenous protein and other studies.

Additionally, this position will advise the PI in the development of research goals in this research area that could result in additional 3rd party relationships and in the eventual development of commercialization strategies. Evaluate project progress and advise the PI on alternative research strategies and methods to stimulate positive outcomes. Project management responsibilities for Ülker Center Strategic Alliance Research Portfolio include working with the Office of Technology Development to ensure that project milestones are achieved; reporting is provided to appropriate governance groups; manage interactions with research partners.

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Postdoctoral Fellow Opportunities

We are always looking for fellows who wish to join our laboratory who possess a deep commitment and passion for science and enjoy working in a rich, diverse environment where all members are part of building scientific knowledge as a community that collaborates, combines, compounds, and participates actively in a collective experience.

In science, every contribution is valuable and paves the way for important breakthroughs. Milestone discoveries lift the entire field as researchers around the world start building on top of this new foundation of knowledge. From a metabolic perspective, this is the kind of work we have been aspiring to and focus on at the Sabri Ülker Center. Collectively, we can make real progress against the most dangerous diseases.


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Research Assistant Opportunities 

We are always looking for Research Assistants (RA) who are enthusiastic and excited about the work we do in our lab, and who want to make a strong scientific contribution to our research. Our RAs work with genetically engineered mouse models and perform a wide variety of physiology experiments, including studies implementing advanced physiological instrumentation and surgeries. It is an opportunity to learn advanced techniques in molecular biology, protein and RNA purification and analysis, mammalian tissue culture, biochemical assays, immunostaining and microscopy. RAs will follow up experiments by organizing, processing and reporting data. RAs are expected to be fully engaged in the intellectual activities of the lab and actively participate in lab meetings and discussions. 


Requirements: BS in biological sciences. One year of related work experience (relevant coursework may count towards experience). Experience in basic molecular and cellular biology techniques. High level of initiative and motivation; ability to work independently and with a team. Excellent communication, organization, time management, and record-keeping skills. Strong organizational skills and experience in handling sensitive and confidential information.


Compensation: Competitive salary [Harvard Grade 52]. Excellent benefits. Annual paid time off includes 15 days of vacation, 3 personal days, 12 sick days; 11.5 paid holidays plus a Winter Recess during the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day.


Application Instructions: Send resume and cover letter to